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Take your eCommerce strategy to the next level with AI powered retail analytics from Upshelf.


Introducing Upshelf’s
Artificial Intelligence Revenue Optimizer.

Airo is your AI assistant - providing instant competitor insights, alerts and recommendations for your product listings across 1,000s of ecommerce sites. Know where you stand on stock, distribution, price, promotion, search ranking and content with ease.


Master Your Market

Upshelf helps you uncover eCommerce opportunities across all your 3rd party retail websites. With real-time product monitoring, AI driven insights, personalized dashboards, and alerts you can Master Your Market with Upshelf.


Master Product Availability and 

Avoid lost sales, identify expansion opportunities, and protect in-store availability with daily stock data, instant insights, and alerts.

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Master Price 
and Profitability

Gain insight into competitor pricing strategies, track and monitor pricing trends, and identify price related margin risk and compliance issues.

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Master Site Search and Findability

Track page 1 and top shelf keyword rankings,  understand how keywords perform, and track the impact of media and paid search campaigns.

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Master Content and Desirability

Increase conversion by monitoring key converting Hero Images, Titles, and descriptions. Stay on top of ratings and reviews.

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Working with Upshelf

    Upshelf monitor the main levers of practically 100% of the online points of sale (assortment, product availability, content, etc.) and, as a result, allows us to identify real business opportunities.

    Head of eCommerce at Bayer

    The main advantage of Upshelf is the email alerts, which allow us to make a quick and effective decision. In addition, we are more efficient at an operational level by analysing our competition

    Business Developer Manager at Acofarma

    Now we make decisions in a more agile way and all the people in the commercial department are educating ourselves to get into a tool, follow up and understand the results well, which unites our team

    Head of the online channel at Damm

    With Upshelf we get a quick picture of the performance of our products, which is impossible to obtain manually

    E-commerce manager at Vitae

The Upshelf Platform

Experience best in class digital shelf analytics, designed for simplicity and scale. View a big-picture snapshot, or drill down into granular store or SKU level data, while receiving AI powered insights and alerts so that you can do more with less.

Monitoring at Scale

Transforming data across 1,000s of 3rd party points of sale on a daily basis, Upshelf’s proprietary monitoring and matching engine is fast, reliable and environmentally friendly :)

Dashboard and Insights

Track high level KPIs to monitor wellness at a glance, or dive into key sections for in-depth analysis by product, brand, POS, price, content and ranking.

Reports and Exports

Analyze granular data around availability, distribution, pricing, promotion, content and rankings in lists, exports and webhooks for quick integration to key BI platforms.

Alerts and Workflow

Boost productivity and take action sooner using insights powered by Airo, Upshelf’s AI Revenue Optimization system.


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