Case Study

Bayer Leverages E-commerce Data for Market Dominance


About Bayer

With a rich history in bioscience innovation, Bayer aims to enhance quality of life globally.  Their Consumer Health division offers a comprehensive portfolio of over-the-counter solutions, from the iconic Aspirin®  to modern supplements, addressing diverse health and wellness needs.


The Challenge

Throughout the company’s long history, Bayer has built a strong brand identity and reputation. Today, digitalization represents one more channel to ensure this. In recent years, the growing number of pharmacies operating online generates a highly fragmented market, with a large amount of data of interest for the optimization of their online and offline strategies.



Bayer partnered with Upshelf to harness the power of e-commerce data.

Upshelf’s platform enabled Bayer to:

     –  Optimize Product Presence: Monitor and refine product descriptions and images across 500+ online retailers, ensuring accuracy and consumer appeal.

     –  Enhance Market Intelligence: Track competitors’ strategies and pricing across 180+ products, informing Bayer’s decision-making.

     –  Increase Agility: Gain real-time market insights to respond quickly to shifts in demand and consumer trends.


Having an accurate and easy-to-use tool made it possible to have information to improve their competitiveness in the online channel.  


“The experience with Upshelf has been very enriching as they have managed to offer a solution adapted to the needs of the Spanish pharmaceutical market. Upshelf manages to monitor the main levers of practically 100% of the online points of sale (assortment, product availability, content, etc) and, as a result, allows us to identify real business opportunities.”

Head of eCommerce at Bayer