Case Study

From Invisible to Unmissable

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About the Client

A global dairy leader boasts over 85,000 employees, 270 operational facilities, and a presence in over 50 countries.


Despite a strong retail presence, the client struggled with their digital listings. Issues like low-quality images, and incorrect titles were affecting conversions and search rankings.

88% According to a recent survey, 88% of online shoppers find clear product images crucial, while 77% say the same for product descriptions.


Through, the client conducted a detailed review of 351 SKUs, evaluating their products alongside 247 competitors across top Canadian retailers. This enabled continuous content accuracy monitoring and identification of improvement areas, leveraging data and insights.


Increase Content Accuracy
Upshelf determined that less than 5% of the Hero Images in use were correct and 65% of headlines were inaccurate. Using this data, the client set goals to improve the accuracy of online content by:

90% Hero Image accuracy increase (From 0% to 90%)
70% Achieve 70% Product Description accuracy (from 65%)

Increase Position Ranking
Based on Upshelf insights, the client identified products with low frequency on page 1 and those lacking essential keywords to elevate their ranking, with the following specific objectives:

150% Increase Page 1 Frequency from 30% to 150%
75% Increase Products Top Shelf rate 75%
85% Appear on Page 1 at a frequency of 85% for targeted keywords


Over a 12 month period, the client worked closely with Upshelf and their partner channels to correct inconsistencies in all their product listings.

100% The client used Upshelf for current Hero Image accuracy and to identify slow updates, leading to a 100% accuracy boost at sales points from August to November 2023.
75% Upshelf data showed only 65% accuracy in product descriptions at sales points. The client targeted low-performing partners, boosting accuracy to 75% by August 2023, surpassing their 70% goal.
Using 2% lactose-free milk 2L as an example, content accuracy can potentially reach a consistent 100% rate in just 8 months.

10x Increased Page 1 Frequency

By ensuring accurate Hero Images and Product Descriptions matched
search keywords, the client saw a 1,000% boost in Page 1 Frequency,
placing products in the top 8 listings for targeted searches.

Using 2% Lactose Free Milk 2L again as an example, there is a clear correlation between content accuracy and keyword performance.