How the Digital Shelf Influences the Physical Shelf


Does your brand understand the influence of the digital shelf on the physical shelf?

For many years, ecommerce has been viewed as cannibalising bricks-and-mortar sales, but nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, ecommerce is an essential part of a wholistic sales and marketing strategy, one that recognizes that the majority of consumers are channel agnostic, opting for whichever channel best serves their needs at any moment. Even more important is to understand that consumers use ecommerce sites for more than just shopping.

Customers routinely search ecommerce sites before making in-store purchases. Whether they’re comparison shopping, looking for specifications, ingredient listings, or other details about the product, or simply ensuring that the product is available before making the trip to the store, ecommerce sites have an enormous influence on a customer’s in-person shopping decisions before they even leave the house.

“Ecommerce is more than a sales channel. It’s a shopping tool that influences the 90% of grocery sales still transacting in-store.“

(Insider Intelligence, Digital Shelf for CPG Brands 2022 Report)

As brands better understand how consumers use ecommerce sites, their importance comes into sharp focus: no longer a second thought, grappling with the complexities of staying at the top of the Digital Shelf has moved to centre stage. Monitoring Availability, Pricing, Page Rank, and Content to ensure that consumers see your brand as the best and most available option requires consistent, reliable data and clear, actionable insights so that you can focus on keeping ahead of the competition.

Upshelf’s easy-to-use dashboard provides you with the most granular data in the industry, updated daily and at the store level, presented in a user-friendly format that gives you and your team the information and action items they need without getting bogged down in spreadsheets (though your data is always available for download, for the data-heads on your team!).

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