Ensure product is available across all ecommerce channels

Frequent stock-outs and low assortment can cost millions in lost sales.

Track out-of-stocks daily, view trends and identify problems at store-level. 


Avoid missed sales with daily stock-out alerts

Set up automated email alerts for stock-outs and flag locations with a high risk of substitution.

Avoid missed sales

Fix issues quickly with unparalleled granular store-level analytics

Quickly identify issues and mobilize the right team to fix the problem.

Deep-dive into local historical trends and track performance of your key account managers/reps.

Customize important brand metrics

Create custom groups to track and compare performance within brands, categories, retailers, territories or product clusters.

Change your views, and dashboard targets to be used by various team members.

Gauge performace
Seamlessly integrate data

Save time by integrating your BI platform

Overlay insights into your internal sales data to understand the impact of availability and determine the ‘why’ behind sales results. 


Compare and optimize market coverage

Understand assortment gaps and identify new channels by monitoring and comparing availability with your closest competitors.

Compare and optimize

See where you stand now

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