Monitor visibility and page rank

Moving your products from page 2 to page 1 can deliver up to a 30% sales uplift.

Discover where your product ranks in each category and how many products appear on page 1.


Increase sales by making your product visible

See how often you appear on page 1 within each category and your overall position on the digital shelf.

Gauge your performance over time and set goals to prioritize top SKUs.

See page rank
Prioritize marketing spend

Better prioritize marketing and advertising investment

Quickly identify opportunities with low-ranking products  in order to maximize spend and resources.

Track keyword performance

Understand how your products are performing for specific and related keywords. (Launch in June 2021)

Understand competitors

Understand your competitors

Compare and analyze rank relative to competitors so you can quickly see how to impact performance at store-level.

Track performance over time

Learn how improvements in images, stock issues and marketing spend impact page position over time.

In addition, see page rank trends and fluctuations that may hint at changes in retailer search algorithms.

Track performance

See where you stand now

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