Case Study

Brewing Giant Masters E-commerce Availability with Upshelf


About the Brewer

A family-run brewing group, established in 1906 in a northwestern Spanish city, has become a global leader in its industry. They focus on producing, marketing, and distributing beers and other handcrafted beverages.



E-commerce has revolutionised the beverage industry, leading to unprecedented growth but also new challenges for major brewers.
To maximise sales, they must proactively address stockouts – especially during peak demand periods – and optimise their online pricing strategies in a dynamic marketplace.



The beverage company partnered with Upshelf to monitor 93 products across 39 major spanish retailers. This Data provided real-time insights into seasonal demand fluctuations, online pricing trends, and competitor strategies.

Addressing Stockouts:

Historically, the industry prepares for peak sons by October. However this brewer initially faced an alarming 37% stockout rate during critical periods.
Using Upshelf, they set ambitious goals:




Over the course of a few months, the brewing company implemented a strategy of using demand forecasting and data analytics to address their inventory management issues.

100% Stockout Reduction

Using Upshelf’s data insights, the brewer worked diligently to reduce out-of-stock events at their online shops. Managers leveraged real-time email alerts, enabling them to proactively address stockouts as they occurred, ensuring maximum product availability for customers.

If we take a closer look at a specific product, a Blond Beer 24-Bottle Pack 25cl., during the period of November 2022 to October 2023, we can see that Stock Outs have taken a steep dive, from 400 units to 0 units in August. In 10 months they were able to achieve a 0% stockout, while the number of points of sale where products were sold remained constant.


40% Increase in Price Compliance (MAP)

Using Upshelf’s MAP alerts, the brewer boosted average price compliance across all monitored points of sale by a remarkable 40%, exceeding their initial target by 10%.


If we take an in-depth look at another product, in this case, a Dark Beer 6-Bottle Pack 33cl., the improvement in price compliance becomes apparent.

The brewer managed to increase from 26.8% to 96% the price compliance of this product in the monitored points of sale.


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