Track Rank and Promotions Trends for Your Products On Google Shopping.


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In the dynamic world of eCommerce, monitoring and optimizing your Google Shopping presence is crucial to driving sales and maximizing ROI. To help you better navigate Google Shopping, we now provide a robust report to track your search rank and promotions across the reseller landscape. 


What is the Google Shopping Ranking Report?

Google Shopping Ranking Report is an advanced analytics feature that allows you to get a comprehensive matrix that measures your product SKUs performance on a daily basis, over a period of time. 

This reports provides key insights and allows you to answer key questions such as:

    • How is a given product performing on search results from one retailer location to the next.
    • Which products are on promotion and featured in Google Shopping?
    • How many days has each product been present at each POS (point of sale)?
    • How does product positioning on Google Shopping vary from day to day?
    • Does this variation influence the sell-out of the product?

With this detailed information, you can make strategic decisions to optimize your Google Shopping presence, increase sales and drive the overall success of your online business.

Benefits of Google Shopping Ranking Report

    • Understand how different retailers are promoting your products, and use downstream sales data to determine the impact.
    • Complete view of Google Shopping presence: Get a complete matrix detailing the presence and positioning of your products on Google Shopping per day.
    • Promoted products analysis: Identify which promoted products are present on Google Shopping and analyze their performance.
    • Daily positioning tracking: Identify stores losing rank to prioritize addressing issues and optimize product visibility on Google Shopping.
    • Sell-out impact evaluation: Evaluate how the presence and positioning on Google Shopping influences the sales of your products.
    • Make strategic decisions: Make data-driven decisions to optimize your Google Shopping presence and increase sell-out.


Google Shopping Rankings is a must-have Dashboard feature for brands looking to maximize their product performance on Google Shopping. With its comprehensive presence and positioning matrix, promoted product analysis, daily positioning tracking, sell-out impact assessment and strategic decision making, you can optimize your Google Shopping presence and reach new levels of online sales success.

Start using Google Shopping Rankings today and discover the true potential of your Google Shopping presence!