AI-powered Smart Publishing Solution for Ecommerce retailers and brands.

Upshelf releases API for InBetween to enable AI powered data and insights for the publishing lifecycle.

InBetween and Upshelf Collaborate to Deliver AI-Powered Smart Publishing Solution for Ecommerce Retailers and Brands.   

InBetween and Upshelf have joined forces to redefine digital publishing through advanced digital shelf analytics and real-time data insights for Ecommerce revenue growth and automation. Upshelf provides best-in-class Ecommerce analytics for real-time product monitoring using AI-driven insights, known for its simplicity and scalability. Meanwhile, InBetween specializes in cutting-edge solutions for automated database publishing, enabling companies to automatically produce documents such as flyers, catalogs, price lists and more using real-time data pulled from the data source. 

This collaboration introduces a Smart Publication API between the platforms which enables the automatic creation and distribution of dynamic flyers based on AI capabilities.

Retailers and brands gain a comprehensive and rapidly updated view of competitive market dynamics, including stock availability, pricing, promotions, and positioning across thousands of retail points of sale in order to generate better performing publications. The end result is greater revenues, profits and an overall superior customer journey.   


Data Powered by Upshelf – Flyers Automated by InBetween.

This partnership introduces a revolutionary approach to showcasing store-specific product information through flyers automatically created by InBetween, powered by the latest product data from Upshelf.

Imagine a scenario where a major football game is happening today between two cities. Fans, who are preparing for the game with friends, are searching for the best prices on beer, snacks, and more.  As a retailer, you need to quickly communicate the best deals of in stock items, and perhaps even items that competitors don’t have in stock, to fans via social media or other channels, ensuring timely information reaches your consumers. Retailers can now produce appealing flyers to showcase product availability, prices, discounts, and enticing product information from nearby stores in a matter of minutes. 

This use case highlights how these tools assist retailers in optimizing pricing strategies and ensuring product availability. This sets a new standard for product experience (PX) by demonstrating the versatility and practical applications of Upshelf and InBetween, emphasizing real-world use cases and tangible benefits for retailers. 

Benefits for Retailers:

📄 Automated Flyer Generation: Flyers are automatically created using InBetween, powered by the latest product data and AI smarts from Upshelf, with options for final design adjustments in InDesign.

🔍 Integrated Digital Shelf Analytics: Best-in-class digital shelf analytics combined with data-driven publishing tools drive ecommerce revenue growth.

⏱️ Real-Time Updates: Flyers reflect real-time product availability and pricing fluctuations.

🌐 Speaks Your Language: Updates product details in multiple languages automatically.

👑 Looks Good Everywhere: From printed flyers to web pages, it always fits.

📈 Saves Time and Effort: Intelligent dynamic flyers to hold the information of newly added products, latest trends & discounts, auto delete nonexistent products helps the business save time and effort.

🏆 Beat the Competition: Helps you offer the right products at the right prices.

🛍️ Happier Customers: Provides timely, relevant info to drive the users towards your store for a better shopping experience.

⚙️ Real-World Smart: Uses actual data to suggest better pricing and product placement.

How It Works:

The solution is powered by the Upshelf API for InBetween, and a corresponding rules engine that allows a customer to create custom filters based on real-time analytics data. 

The API allows for simple access to all of the key data sets collected by Upshelf. The rules engine then enables a user to filter data based on a customer’s owned or competitive products for availability (in stock, at this location, etc.), pricing rules (on sale, discounted, best price), and positioning (highest share of voice at given location). 

The API is made available at no cost to customers who have licensed both platforms. 

What the Upshelf API for InBetween Offers:

  • Smart Product Listings: Displays current product availability and best prices, helping to attract customers
  • Fits Everywhere: Looks great in print, on social media, and in mobile apps
  • Stays Up-to-Date: Connects directly with online stores and product databases

Retailers leveraging this partnership will benefit from enhanced operational efficiency, dynamic marketing strategies, and superior customer experiences, driven by Upshelf’s unmatched speed in delivering real-time data. 

Upshelf and InBetween drive efficiency and revenue, setting a new benchmark in digital shelf management and product experience, empowering retailers to thrive in today’s competitive market landscape.


“This collaboration represents a significant leap forward in digital publishing capabilities. Together with Upshelf, we are empowering retailers to harness real-time data for more agile and effective marketing strategies, offering an unparalleled customer journey.”

“We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration presents for retailers to master their market through data-driven insights. Our combined technologies will set new standards in digital shelf management and product experience.”