Use Data to Deepen Customer Relationships


Word of mouth and social media can lead your brand to sink or succeed – but without direct access to your customers, it’s difficult to foster those relationships. So how do you deepen relationships with your customers to build trust and brand loyalty? Upshelf’s daily data, alerts, and reports can give you the tools to understand and respond to your customers in real time.

Selling your products through channel partners puts your team and your brand at a remove from your customers. While bridging that distance to understand and build deeper relationships with customers is vital, it’s often overlooked in favour of issues that are more straightforward and urgent, like availability and page rank. But with the right data, and the right tool, you can integrate these competing priorities and ensure that your customers don’t feel left out in the cold.

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and Reviews have a huge impact on sales, and many customers check the 1-star reviews first. Getting daily alerts on ratings that are lower than 3 stars, and proactively responding to any negative customer feedback in a proactive and timely manner can undercut the negative impact of a poor review. Showing that you’re responsive and ready to make things right builds trust, not only with the customer who left the review, but with everyone who views the review at a later date.

Amazon 3P Sellers

Approximately 60% of sales on Amazon are through 3rd Party Sellers (3P), and they can be a vital part of a successful Amazon strategy. However, some unscrupulous sellers may be offering damaged or expired products, or charging outrageous prices, and monitoring those 3P sellers to ensure quality and to protect brand value is essential. Amazon are very responsive to complaints from official brands, and can remove misleading or poor-quality listings quickly when alerted.

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) may be an essential part of your brand strategy, and protecting brand image and value through capturing data on MAP compliance and competitor pricing allows you to see category trends and address issues with your channel partners as they happen. Daily alerts about MAP violations help you to address issues as they occur, and ensure that customers aren’t seeing damaging discounts on brands where the pricepoint is a vital part of the brand image.

Online Mentions

Understanding how customers are using and responding to your brand is vital, but difficult to capture. Monitoring online brand mentions, and capturing them in daily reports, can help you understand and build awareness within your team. Whether it’s a blog review, a recipe, or a new channel, websites mentioning your product are captured and recorded on the Upshelf Dashboard – no need to hunt, we bring the information to you.

In an era where brand switching has become more common, and the power of the customer to boost or tank sales has never been greater, deepening your relationships with customers is more important than ever. Upshelf gives you the tools you need to be aware of and responsive to your customers, allowing you to regain control of those relationships.