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Prioritising Pricing

It's crucial to have a pricing strategy that takes into account both your own products and those of your competitors. With Upshelf, you can easily monitor pricing and availability on your channel partners' retail sites, giving you the data and insights needed to make informed choices and analyze sales data with precision.

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Use Data to Deepen Customer Relationships

Word of mouth and social media can lead your brand to sink or succeed – but without direct access to your customers, it's difficult to foster those relationships. So how do you deepen relationships with your customers to build trust and brand loyalty? Upshelf’s daily data, alerts, and reports can give you the tools to understand and respond to your customers in real time.

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Mind the Gap!

When creating your ecommerce profile, you need to stand out among your competitors. Read on to discover what to look for when it comes to benchmarking the competition, and ensuring your brand comes out on top.

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